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Magical, Mystical May

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Well here it is May, and Denver got dumped on with about 4″ of snow !  Other than that, spring is shaping up here at the shop.  And speaking of Spring, check out our newest magic accessory/novelty, the Spring Wand !  Show a perfectly normal looking want to your spectator, then hand it to them and….it springs, it sproings, it bends, it boings!  This is definitely one of Max’s favorite new items, he can’t put it down.  We’ve also got a super-cool new Metal Bending DVD, new card tricks, and some new tenants in the Museum of Oddities.  In early May we had Swami Bill and his Original FLEA CIRCUS at the shop for our 1st Friday show, and it was a big hit — so many folks showed up we had to do two shows to accommodate the crowd.  What a blast!

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