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Magical Mystical Autumn

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As summer takes it’s last breath, autumn moves in.  The leaves are changing color, the days and nights are cooler, and Halloween decorations are showing up in shop windows (well…that was happening in August).  Here at Mago’s we’re stocking up on the good, the odd and the eerie.  We’ve got a new collection of limited edition Bicycle playing cards featuring the macabre – Bone Riders, The Eerie Deck, Jekyll & Hyde twin decks,  Edgar Allen Poe Deck and many more.  And we’ve got some eeeerie magic adorning our shelves — SCREAM by Jamie Dawes (a ghostly effect that will leave your spectators in shivers), THE DEVIL ALWAYS KNOWS by Christopher Dearman, FREAKS by Paul Prater and FUNNY BONES by Doc Wayne – a cool and creepy all ages routine.  So come on down and check out what’s new for fall – our resident ghost Mathias hangs outside in the tree to welcome you….

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