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Magical March Mania

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Well here it is Magic March and spring is definitely  in the air – (or under the snow)  digging it’s way out slooowly but surely.  We’ve got an exciting First Friday show coming up this week  – the CIRCUS EMPORIUM SIDESHOW ROAD SHOW!   March 6th 7:30pm at the shop – 313 W 11th Ave Denver.  The shop is decked out with sideshow oddities, art and curious wares –  step right up to see the POLAR PIRANHA ! RODEO CHICKEN !   KING TUT’S SARCOPHAGUS!  PREHISTORIC BONE FISH ! ALLIGATOR MAN ! FIJI MERMAID ! and much more…   We’ve also got some fun new magic  - The Crummy Cookie Trick, which changes pennies to dimes, vanishes in thin air, and restores itself whole after being bitten….this one is deeelicious.   And if you’re pining for a little spring to banish the snow blues our new Appearing Flower is just the ticket – no watering required.  The snow may be a-flyin and Puskatawney Phil snuggled back in his den, but the shop is cozy and warm  and Max is ready to show off his stuff so come out of the cold and into the magic…!

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