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The “Magic” of Christmas!

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Well here it is a week and a half before Christmas, and if you’re a believer in the Mayan predictions, seven days before the Apocalypse, Zombiepocalypse, Vampocalypse, or the Pocalypse of your choice.  Anyhoo, if you think that’s a load of hooey and you’ve got last-minute shopping we can guarantee delivery by Christmas on local orders (Denver area) up to the 20th, so check out our wares!  Or, start the New Year with an oddity, curio, or magic trick from our groovy selection.  We’ve added magic kits for kids, to give the kiddies something to spend their Christmas money on besides scary video games and candy that will rot their teeth.   And please check back with us periodically for new merchandise, which we will be adding regularly.

Happy Holidays,

Kris and Max

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