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And a big “whew!” on that whole apocalypse thing…   Here’s hoping lucky 2013 is a good year for all !  We’re excited about opening our brick-n- mortar store later this year, hopefully by March.  We’re hunting for the perfect location, and adding to our hoard of merchandise weekly.  Check out some of the fun & games I recently aquired at an estate sale — I love those quirky vintage 1970s groove-a-rama goods.  I am a HUGE fan of American Pickers,  and on one episode my boys were talking about how we love to revisit the games and toys from our childhood, and they’re right — Man, I wish I had my Easy Bake Oven back…so easy…so bakey…   But my favorite childhood toys were my Barbie Dolls — my sister and I would create Barbie World from one end of our room to the other — scotch-taping popsicle sticks on their feet for skis, using brussels sprouts as heads of lettuce for their salads, helping them flee from my brother’s GI Joe – (converted to “monster” status after having his foot chewed off and head mangled by the dog).  Good ol’ GI-Freddy-Krueger-Joe.  Ah, those were the daze…

Happy 2013 to all,  Kris

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