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Happy Halloweeeen !

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Can’t believe it’s mid-October already, and I haven’t carved a single pumpkin !  So far October has been creep-ariffic here at the shop, with our resident ghost “Mathias” on hand to chat with customers, and our super-cool new SWAMI FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE (vintage 1950s – featured on a “Twilight Zone” episode starring none other than a young William Shatner).  Swami is busy dolling out fortunes and answering customers’ burning questions, and our brand new shop resident THE FIJI MERMAID has moved into our large glass cabinet, formerly occupied by the ALIEN SKULL.  Matt and I are crazy busy between the shop and my annual production of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, a stage adaptation of George Romero’s 1968 classic, presented by The Bug Theatre (  Anyhoo, HAPPY OCTOBER, and come on down to the shop to see what’s shakin’, rattlin’, and rollin for Halloween.  We’ve got gorgeous new merch from our resident artists– necklaces with tiny tombstones and zombies in tiny glass tubes, teeny zombie dioramas, skull earrings, zombie celebrity prints, creepy cemetery photos…’ve just gotta see it all !  Come on down….if you DARE……

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