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Bam! Boom! Bang!

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Happy July everyone,  hope you all got out and saw some fireworks, and if you went the DIY route, that you have a grand time – fingers intact…  This month I am taking the plunge and quitting my full-time job to concentrate on all things Mago Magic Shoppe —Eeeeek!  Scaaaaary!  We’ve got some great new curiosities I am in the process of downloading onto the site, one of my favorites is the Hand-Carved Asian Dragon Cane that I scored at the estate sale of a world-traveller.   I don’t know about the rest of the country, but it’s HOT here in Denver.  But not as HOT as some of the deals we’ve got on the site this month (OK that was cheesy) – we’ve got a slew of new inventory so we’re marking down some items, so check for sale prices.

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