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Autumn Magic on the Way…

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Autumn is peeking around the corner and Max and I are gearing up for my favorite season of the year — the HALLOWEEN SEASON !  We plan to deck out the magic shop in true Halloween style.  There are all kinds of creepy art-projects-in-progress lurking in the back room – a papier mache sarcophagus, a Fiji Mermaid waiting for her fangs, a half-wrapped mummy, and gobs of orange and black crepe paper.  And we can’t wait for our next 1st Friday Free Magic Show — Olde Tyme Seance and Spooky Tricks, Fri Oct 3rd at 7pm.  Shrunken Heads…Disembodied Hands…Ghosts and Goblins and Ghouls Oh My!  We’ve added an eeerie new effect to our repertoire — The Haunted Doll (doll and DVD included) ! For sale in-shop only, this one scared me silly the first time I saw it.  So get a witch’s shawl on, a roof that you can crawl on, we’re gonna make a call on…Mago’s Magic Shoppe ! (sung to the tune of “The Adams Family”).

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