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April (snow) Showers…

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Well here it is April already, and spring has sprung! (sort of ).  Despite the early spring snow and chill, things are warming up at the shop and we’ve got some truly weird and wonderful new merchandise.   On the magic end, we have the infamous MIND BALL ! – a cool and magical take on the old magic 8 ball.  We also have Sudden Deck 3, and Disposable Deck — both professional-level routines producing and vanishing entire decks of cards.  And then there’s the Clarity Box — which must be seen to be believed, so come on down and check out all the cool new merchandise.  Our meet and greet with master magician Jeff McBride was a blast — what a cool guy!  He even bought some of my art, which was an honor and a privilege.  Mr McBride has become our newest fan, and we look forward to the day when we can zip out to Vegas and pay him a visit.  FYI May 3rd -4th we will be manning a booth at the Mini Maker’s Fair at the National Western Complex so the shop will be closed while we sell our wares elsewhere.   And, we’ve got some great April Fool’s Day jokes left — Floating eyeballs!  Rattlesnake Eggs!  Creepy Rubber Hands! (ya can’t have enough of those). Woot!

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