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In like a Lion!

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Top O’ the mornin’ to ye all, and Happy March!  Spring is almost here, and we’ve added some great new items to the magic shop and curio/oddity sections.   Check out our new line of magic posters, circus posters, and sci-fi posters.  We’ve also added several new magic tricks and illusions to the site,  melded the vintage and oddity items and added a section titled:  cards, games, and poker accessories, and moved our decks to this section.  The zombie cards are still my favorites, and those steam-punk cards are pretty cool too so check them out.   We are also adding more classics:  linking rings, cups and balls,  sponge ball magic, etc.  Max has been performing his own funky brand of magic around Denver at the Mercury Cafe and The Bug Theater, having learned a new silk routine, as well as a stand-up routine involving mentalism - ”I can reeeead your miiiiind…!”.  Now if he could only make all this snow disappear…  But you know what they say about Colorado–”if you don’t like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes”.  I always thought that was just a Colorado saying but apparently they say that about several states. Oh, well.

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